Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Venue Blues

Despite a very well-contructed email to the Regional Chicago Park District person I need to talk to, two phone calls, and a few stalker-like walks through Humboldt Park to see if someone is around to talk to, I have yet to reach someone live.

This does not look good.

Plan B?

Too soon?



  1. I just called Humboldt Park about their field house for a wedding in Feb '10 (yes, I know, mere months away!). I actually got a live person on my first try. She was less than helpful and told me to come to the fieldhouse and check it out. She did say rental would be around $125/hour but she wasn't sure. Not that this helps you!

    If you're having troubles contacting them you can always try the Alderman's office. Usually, the alderman's staff are very helpful re: issues/business/services in their ward.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Marisa!

    It's such a bummer to deal with this stuff. I felt so excited to finally find the right place and now I'm worried that even if we do sign, we'll also be signing on for the possibility things might go wrong.

    Are you going to try somewhere else?

  3. Looks like things worked out for you at Humboldt -- I'm so glad!

    We were deciding between Columbus Park Refectory and the Carleton Hotel in Oak Park. We're going to the Carleton -- I fell in loe with their private bar/lounge area and the coordinator there gave us a great deal. Now I just have to trim our guest list down to 200 (from 280 -- yikes!).

    Best of luck with your wedding.


  4. Ah, they semi-worked out. We're doing Logan Square Auditorium instead for the reception part because I couldn't wait around for Humboldt Park any longer.

    The Carleton Hotel in Oak Park looks awesome! I am a big fan of the private lounge-y areas/space away from the main area.

    I am not sure how many out of town guests you are planning to invite, but I would definitely consider that when whittling down the guest list.

    Also, not sure if you've seen this, but there's a math formula where you take the total number of people you have invited and multiply that number by .66 and then multiply that number by 1.15. Example: 300 invited x .66 = 198 x 1.15 = 228 people expected. This formula supposively has a 90% accuracy rate, so maybe it will help!