Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color Schemes

Not a lot of blog posts lately, but honestly, not a lot happening at the moment. The guest list is still under construction and I suspect it will stay that way until around Christmastime when I can hound my mom about her side of invites in person. In the meantime, there are all sorts of other fun - or painful - little details to consider. One pretty big detail being the color scheme.

I've been sort of sliding on this part of the process because I'm still waiting on Johnny's vote for the suit (light gray, dark brown or very black) which will have a bit of an impact on what we should go with. Unfortunately, so far the only response I have gotten on his preferences has been to find something that "looks like something Nick Cave would wear" (see picture above). What he's looking for is a bit of a slimmer cut on the suit, but this direction is vague at best and does not a color scheme decision make, so I've still been tossing around ideas for what might be the best mix for our low-key, middle-of-the-park shindig. Apparently, there's a lot to consider and this post by The Knot just sort of made me way more anxious then I needed to be.

Call me crazy, but with Fall being the backdrop I felt like windows were the most important part of the process. Just open them up and let autumn do it's thing. Unfortunately, just getting any Fall-ish colors together and lacking some kind of structure could make things look pretty messy, and avoiding a scheme all together makes all the details much more annoying to figure out. When you choose two or three colors and roll with it, decisions like guest favors and invitations become that much easier to consider. So, here's what we're thinking about...

Burnt Orange/Pumpkin and Chocolate Brown:

At first I thought we should stay away from this 1960/70s wedding combination (not to mention, the team colors for the Cleveland Browns) but the combination has kind of won me over. It's very Fall, pretty dramatic and a good solid base for dropping in other Fall colors wherever we need the decoration. There's something kind of Halloween about it, and that's our favorite holiday. Wedding is in October. We may just have a match.

Chocolate Brown, Carmel and White Chocolate (with some Gold in the mix):

Also known as Brown, Tan and Ivory-ish, the other way just makes it sounds nicer (and more tasty). Whatever you want to call it, this was our first idea for a color scheme. It was the idea we conjured up while freshly engaged and still backpacking through Europe. On the upside, it's clean and modern, classic and gorgeous. On the downside, our location isn't very modern/sleek-looking so this is for detail might get lost in the shuffle or look too minimal if done wrong. I think if we had gone with an art gallery or cheaper version of Cafe Brauer, this might have been perfect, but now I'm not so sure.

Option Three is really sort of a combination deal of both of those with a little crimson thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes I really wish we could just buy a house because there are so many cool ideas I have for a backyard outdoor wedding (read: our dream wedding) but unfortunately a park is as close as we can get.

Any suggestions on colors? Cool shit you've seem somewhere else? Lemme know.