Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Have Accomplished Since Last Friday

  • Finalized the food menu - It's super yummy, and now we just need to figure out the booze!
  • Did a reception location run-through with JCakes and our parents
  • Created a test centerpiece - and did lots of research on where to find moss on the cheap (Thank you WeddingBees!) and liter-size mason jars.
  • Met with our new DJ
  • Met with a possible flower vendor
  • Finally tracked down the Fun Zone guy for a photobooth quote
  • Emailed our photographer for follow up
  • Researched wedding rings
  • Researched wedding shoes
  • Picked wedding fabrics for dress with designer
  • Helped my mom pick out a dress for the wedding
  • Helped JCakes locate enough ties for all the guys and himself
  • Found an invite designer, went through three rounds of edits in no time flat (Monday-today) and have them ready to go out to the printers today! MAD PROPS to Megan at Silhouette Blue!
  • Went through 10 pages of forum suggestions on Indie Bride's Kvetch "Vows" forum thread and narrowed our ceremony readings down to 30 - now to choose three!
  • Shopped and purchased honeymoon clothes & under-stuffs
  • Emailed a possible hairdresser/makeup lady - Suzy please email me!
  • Coordinated with the bridesmaids on Bachelorette Party #1 and #2
  • Researched flower girl dresses
  • Researched bridesmaid gifts
  • Researched DIY non-denominational wedding ceremony scripts
  • Bought some reception decorations
  • Looked for wedding hairpiece DIY stuff - Sadly, all three craft stores left me coming up empty-handed
  • Looked into wedding hairstyles
  • Looked into making my own birdcage veil
  • Booked the honeymoon!
This was all in addition to the normal work-week, chores stuff too and it doesn't include the help I've gotten from family and friends. It may be lame to write it all out, but I'm feeling pretty good about the headway here.

Still, there's so much to do though that I am actually having nightmares.

I wish I had a coordinator for the timing on all this. I know I can do a ROS on my own, but it just helps to know there is someone out there thinking it out.



  1. If you are researching wedding shoes, did you check out Hey Lady shoes? They are very comfy...we are having a trunk show right now featuring these shoes..we're not located in Chicago but we are in the Midwest!
    <3 POSH Bridal Couture

  2. It's always good to have a ta da! list in addition to the to do list.

  3. I'm currently researching venues in Chicago for a wedding and I've found info for quite a few parks, but I haven't been able to find anything on Humboldt Park. Do you have a website with pricing or a phone number?


  4. Hey Gina, Sorry for the really late reply on this (our wedding was in October 2010, followed by new job, Christmas chaos). Anyways, to answer your question if you haven't found it out already because of my lack of response - No online pricing sheets. Best method of contact is hitting up Nereida Aviles in person to take a peek at the location and get an up-to-date pricing sheet. Her office is located in the Field House.

    Hope that helps and congrats and best wishes!

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