Thursday, April 1, 2010

Australia, some day I will see you, I promise.

Le sigh.

Where to go on our honeymoon had such a simple answer back when we just got engaged (doesn't every part of wedding planning). Whilst daydreaming, we forgot to factor in those tiny details...

a.) Australia will cost a crapload and b.) it will take a lot of time up just with travel.

Reality really does bite sometimes.

Anyways, in our quest for alternatives, we've been considering the following locations:

The Greek Isles
Costa Rica

Obviously, this is not as cheap as staying local, but we haven't had a proper vacation in two years and we both really, really need one. I did some research and to par it down for travel junkies like ourselves, the suggestion is to consider what kind of honeymooners you'll be and match it with location. Simple enough, although we would be down for tons of different kinds of adventures, I suppose we'll be pretty beat and ready for some fun and relaxation. We talked it out and basically, here's what we're looking for:

  • Very warm to hot weather
  • Beaches and those drinks with the little straw umbrellas
  • A swim-up room (that was my idea, I also thought that was so cool and to me it equals total big-shot status)
  • Lots of options for surfing, boating, fishing, hang-gliding, hiking, swimming, etc.
  • Maybe a tour or two of the area
  • A hotel with a nice spa so we can get massages and stuff
  • Not crazy expensive
  • Not somewhere during hurricane season
We contemplated cashing in the idea of big, luxurious honeymoon suites for extra time somewhere and backpacking, but I think after all this figuring out logistics will be kind of annoying. Besides, I don't know when we'll take a trip like this again.

Suggestions and links to hotel and vacation web sites are very, very welcomed! Let me know what you got, people!


  1. totally don't know me a fellow bride to be I wanted to add some honeymoon food for thought. I have always dreamed of the Greek Islands and we were considering it. My DF is concerned that the impending economic crisis in Greece could spawn some unpleasant suprises on a very special trip: strikes, significant service issues, shortages, etc. So I've put that one on the back burner, again :(. I'm adventurous, but why add the element of (unpleasant) suprise to a honeymoon? Althought a crusie on a US based line throught the islands would be much more predictable. Kauai is insane beautiful, and the only element of danger would be getting to close to a volcano.
    Good Luck!

  2. Hey agent99! Late with the response, but I totally took up on this Kauai idea, and we're plannin' on Hawaii as our honeymoon spot. It took a bit to say thanks, but thank you!