Monday, March 1, 2010


Yesterday I spent the day out with JCakes, Jenny and Ali and came home to a care package of homemade bread on my doorstep. All tied up in a ribbon, I knew it had to be from Jenna & Jason, (we're the kind of building neighbors that actually like to hangout and share a few drinks from time to time), so I went up to thank them. Jenna's mom was visiting, so I got a chance to meet her and was told this funny story...

Jenna & Jason, newly engaged, were thinking about possibly holding their ceremony/reception in Humboldt Park, and without knowing we're neighbors, Jenna's mom had sent our blog address along as a helpful link to Jenna.

It may sound silly, but I found it really nice to know that other people may find this blog to be helpful. I started writing about all of this wedding business as a way to keep our ideas in order and our friends and family in the loop. I had hoped that maybe other people might find some useful link here or there or get some ideas, but it was really nice to hear about it firsthand.

It got me thinking about all of the wonderful people I know who are currently working on their own wedding plans for this year, and though it's been said, Congratulations and Best Wishes again to:

Jenna and Jason
Lisa and Joe
Rachel and Conor
Eileen and Brandon
Kaye and Chris
Amy and James
Brenda and Steve
Jen and Nathan
Aaron and Meghan
Stephanie and Jeff
Emily and Rachel

...and to anyone we missed and any readers.

If you've got some killer ideas or advice on what not to do, feel free to pass it on, and good luck with all your planning!

Annnnd, if you just got married or have friends who have had recent midwest weddings, lemme know. I'd love to feature them on the blog for a little real deal inspiration.

Best Wishes!
Can and JCakes


  1. Thanks for the shout out :) if you ever want to go to an expo or work out together lemme know!

  2. Will do, and ditto to you lady!

  3. Hello.
    I just started reading your blog today. I'm looking for a wedding ceremony venue for our September wedding. I heard the boathouse is pretty nice. I can't find much information about it. How can i rent it, what is the price? Can i have the ceremony there without the reception. (we have a reception venue already)

  4. Hey Luz,

    Hope you've enjoyed the blog so far. I touched some of the deets for Humboldt Park in some previous posts, so hopefully, that can help.

    The person you'll want to contact is Nereida Aviles. You can email her at, but I would suggest going in person if you can to see the grounds first to help answer any additional questions you might have. They just posted their new rates awhile back and she has a sheet she can probably email or give you in person. Pricing goes by which part of the venue you are using (for example, the banquet room, veranda, boat house, etc.). I'm not sure if you can just book the ceremony, but give her a call and I'm sure she can answer.

    Good luck with your planning and congratulations!

  5. Thank you for the advice..

    I called her, but she never answered. I just sent here an email, either way we are going to stop by tomorrow, hopefully she will be there to shows us the boat house and talk about the rental

    Thanks again, and congratulations to you as well.

  6. Hey Luz,

    She can be really difficult to reach unless your in person, so if you are still stopping by there today, I highly recommend it. Don't forget to ask her for the pricing sheet. I found that if I tried to reach her at her office after 3pm it could get difficult so if your schedule allows you to, try to get there before then.

    You can always take a look at the boathouse and walk through the building even if she's not there, and they may have (finally) updates the posted rental rates in the glass wall case by her office, so double check.

    Good luck!