Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Beat It

Ah, ballroom dancing lessons. A "must" for every couple...

Unless that couple happens to be us.

I'm not saying we wouldn't be interested in the classes, and I doubt Johnny would mind, but it's just sort of...boring. Like something you have to do because it's something people do when they get married. I always thought it would be much more fun to do some kind of choreographed dance with the whole wedding party. (In those times where you have a choice to go silly over serious, I always go for silly).

Being an October wedding, and since we're both big fans of Michael Jackson music, I had my heart set on having the whole party do a routine to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It was a total go, until I saw how many times it's been done before. (And in the video below, done very well)

So then Johnny got the idea that we could maybe start with a slow song and then cut into something faster and more ridiculous. Unfortunately, this is also not an original concept and something that has been done even more so than the "Thriller" dance...

So then, keeping with the Michael Jackson idea, we though, maybe we could be the first couple do the song to "Beat It," complete with the choreographed dancing pocket knife fight.

Or, maybe we could get past not being that into FatBoy Slim and resurrect that totally believable dance scene from "She's All That"

We're still not sold on exactly how it's gonna go down, but it's gotta happen. Now we just need to find the right choreographer and do the big dress rehearsal after the rehearsal dinner. Got any Chicago suggestions on where we might find the talented soul to get everyone's two left feet moving in the right direction?


  1. hahahaha. those are funny, you were right i like the second one. but i think you guys should start with something slow and then you do go into something fast, i don't think anyone will see it coming

  2. I thought you might like that one. The little kid break dancing was the best part.

  3. You'll need a bit of practice to do it right but there are plenty of local dancers that can help you. Start early and good luck!