Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting Buff, Locally

I can't afford a Cheetah Gym membership just yet, but there are a few local programs that might help me drop a few dress sizes. If you haven't heard of these already, you might want to check 'em out:

Walking Trails/Tennis/Gym in Humboldt Park
The Chicago Park District offers a ton of local park trails, pools and other amenities, but since Humboldt is closest to me, here's the lowdown:

I haven't been able to find a beginner's tennis buddy just yet, but the trails are fantastic! If you take the loop around jog or walk around roughly 2 miles of parkway, which takes you all over and through the woods (well, some trees anyways) and past a lagoon and prairies. The gym leaves a little to be admired, but for $50 every three months, it's not a bad deal. Do not recommend signing up for the gym in the summer months at this location. There's no A/C yet.

Swimming in Holstein Park:
For the full schedule of CPD pools, go here.

Holstein Park is one of my favorite pools in the city. Closer to Olympic-sized than most area pools in the parks, this location offers morning and evening adult swim. Alas, for the past three years, the adult lap swim has been free of charge, but the new $22 sign up fee works for any pool in the park district and gets in you through the summer.

You can do whatever your feel...
Yeah, Village People. But seriously, if you can't do the pricier alternatives, the Y is an option.

Brides Run:
If you require a workout buddy to get yourself motivated, this could be a good option for you. I know they have some fitness classes meeting up at Stan Mansion on Kedzie right now, but check 'em out for future dates. The bonus is that everyone you're working out with will also have a little wedding on the brain, so you're less likely to annoy your new fitness pals the same way you might be annoying your single friends.

Millennium Park Free Fitness Programs:
I always overlook things going on downtown because I can get busy as it is in the Northwest neighborhoods, but this looks fantastic. Follow the link for a classes and times.

If you've got a local favorite fitness place in Chicago that doesn't break the bank, please pass it on.

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